About Music Hack Day India

Music Hack Day India is a community-driven event where we would like programmers, artists, makers, academics and innovators to come together to ideate, develop and demo their vision of music technology’s future. No restrictions in terms of the medium of the hack - software (mobile, web, desktop), hardware (new instruments, modifications to existing ones). We are open to anything that lies within the boundaries of music technology (even better if the boundaries are extrapolated). One of our bigger goals of organizing such an event is to bring everyone working or interested in this field under one roof so that they can network and collaborate with each other by the means of working on these hacks and further push music tech scene in the Indian sub-continent.

Music Hack Day India is an open, inclusive and interdisciplinary event. We follow the Berlin Code of Conduct for the event.

HAMR + MHD Hackathon

As being a satelitte event of ISMIR, 2022, we are continuing the tradition of HAMR hackthons by clubbing with our regular hackthon.

HAMR (Hacking Audio and Music Research) is an event series which applies the hackathon model to the development of new techniques for analyzing, processing, and synthesizing audio and music signals.

The hackathon starts with an introduction to the event and guidelines, followed by presentations by our chosen mentors, who will help participants with their ideas and questions. Participants network with each other, brainstorm, form teams and start building their projects. The hackathon will have 3 prizes for the Best Music Hack, Best Hardware Hack and Best Data Science Hack respectively along with the popular HAMR hammers.

Remember, asking for help is more than okay! Our organisers and mentors will be delighted to help you explore and build on your ideas.

All the IP/ownership of ideas and works done by the hackathon participants soley lies with themselves.

Check out our FAQ section for frequently asked questions.

We recommend you to also check out the videos of similar music hack days (attached below in the youtube playlist) which were organised around the world by different entities.

More details will be updated here soon ....

Q/A sessions

"Topic to be announced soon"

Beside the Q/A sessions, the participants will have dedicated networking sessions with professionals from the music tech research space.

Algorave Concerts

An algorave (from an algorithm and rave) is an event where people dance to music generated from algorithms, often using live coding techniques. (wikipedia)

We are very glad to have our friends from the growing Algorave India community and outside to perform.

About Organisers

Music Hack Day is organised by the Music Tech Community India in collaboration with the Algorave India community and also with our dear colloborators. Find more about the team here.

MTC-India is an open community initiative run by a group of volunteers with a mission to maintain a forum to bring together musicians, technologists, artists, developers, audiophiles and makers in India that are related to music technology. The main objective of MTC-India is to foster the communication and interaction between people on different edges of music-tech spectrum, with a hope to build an open, transparent, and actively collaborative community.

Algorave India is a community of creative technologists striving to create an environment of making code friendly in India : creating music and visuals with open source creative coding tools.