Music Hack Day India

Music Hack Day India is a gathering of researchers, developers, creative coders, musicians, makers, engineers, audiophiles and more. We are excited to bring you another fun hackathon scheduled for 5th & 6th Jan, 2024 at Bangalore International Centre, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

The hack day will be followed by the ADCx India main event on 7th Jan 2024 at the same venue.

ADCx India is a three day meet-up for audio developers combining Music Hack Day India and a one-day Audio Developer Conference pop-up. The tickets are now available. We are also providing Diversity Grants to support talents. The form can be accessed from the ADCx India website.

As part of bringing the audio tech community together, we have setup the Music Tech Community's Discord server. Join us there.

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What to expect?


Do you constantly wish that existing music tech solutions did something more than they already do? Are you often lost in thought wondering if there was a piece of tech that could do the craziest of things with music that you could come up with? Well, this is a chance to put your creative minds to work on bringing just those ideas to life!

Agenda: The hackathon starts with an introduction to the event and guidelines, followed by presentations by our chosen mentors, who will help participants with their ideas and questions. Participants network with each other, brainstorm, form teams and start building their projects. Workshops and Resource sharing sessions will be organised throughout the day so we can help support your ideas and learn from each other.

The hackathon will have top 3 exciting prizes:

  • Best Hardware Hack
  • Best Software Hack
  • Best Creativity Hack

Winning hacks will get exciting goodies and a chance to present their hacks on the main stage on Jan 7th ADCx India.


  • C++ Crash Course: Lock-Free Queues for Thread Communication by Sam Fischmann (Co-Founder, Musik Hack LLC)
  • Introduction to Audio and Music Analysis tools by Albin Correya (Senior ML Engineer and Music Tech Freelancer)
  • Generative AI: Tools, Tips and Tricks by Manaswi Mishra (PhD Researcher, MIT Media Lab)
  • Modular Synthesizers: Show and Tell by Aditya Nandwana (Founder, Animal Factory Amplification)

Feel free to bring your laptops, hardware or any other additional accessories that you might require (not compulsory) for hacking~

Remember, asking for help is more than okay! Our organizers and mentors will be delighted to help you explore and build on your ideas.

All the IP/ownership of ideas and works done by the hackathon participants solely lies with you, the participants.

We welcome artists, musicians, designers, engineers, coders, hackers and people at all different skill levels to work together to bring out the best ideas at this Music Hack Day! We hope to see you there at Bangalore International Centre from 5th to 7th Jan 2024!

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